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Top Grilling Tips From The Deen Brothers

Paula Deen's Sons Jamie and Bobby are a grilling dynamic duo. They just released a wonderful new cookbook, "Get Fired Up,” that features 125 mouthwatering, easy-to-follow recipes for creating tasty dishes that the home cook can master without hours of preparation. Southern favorites include Glazed Barbecue Shrimp, Grilled Crab Cake Sammies, and Fire-Roasted Clams and Mussels. The photography in this book is mouthwatering. 224 pages, hardcover $25.

The Deen's Top BBQ Tips Worth Following:

Jamie Deen

Q: What are the three rules of grilling?

1. Flip once. 
2. Less seasoning is more. 
3. Pay attention to the heat.

Q:  What are three common grilling mistakes?

1. Pressing the meat. 
2. Cutting too soon once it comes off the grill.
3. Over cooking.

Bobby Deen

Q: What are the three rules of grilling?

1. Allow the meat to come to room temperature before grilling. Throwin…