Monday, July 18, 2011

Spam & Champagne!

Spam and Champagne!
Not your typical pairing but it works!

A funny thing happened during our recent road trip to Minnesota...we discovered the Spam Museum!

Yes, just like there's a website for just about everything, there's a museum for Spam!

Hormel Industries, the makers of Spam have a wonderful museum in Austin, Minnesota just off Interstate 90. Admission is free.

New Spam Flavors
You get to watch a great movie that covers the history of this world-famous mystery meat in a can. The museum is well worth the stop. Plus you can get to purchase new Spam logo items and new Spam flavors (including Hot & Spicy and Pepper) that are not yet available in the stores.

We brought samples of The Hot & Spicy Spam, which is seasoned with Tabasco sauce. I am not a fan of Spam, but this was delicious in a grilled cheese sandwich.


-Open Can, remove Spam with fork
-Slice into 6 even portions
-Brown in skillet at medium heat with pat of butter, then remove
-Place pat of butter in pan. Grill piece of bread with American Cheese slices & spam. Add 2 piece of bread on top, flip over when first side is browned.
-After 2nd side browned, remove and plate and slice in half

Ideal Wine Pairing:
Champagne or Sparkling Wine, or Riesling

Visit the Spam Museum. They are open 10-5 Monday Thru Saturdays, 12 to 5pm on Sundays.

Spam Museum
1937 Spam Blvd
Austin, MN 55912
Tel. 507 437-5100