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Wine Country International Best Food & Wine Books-Summer 2010

Wine Country International's Best Books for Summer 2010 By Christopher J. Davies The three new books below classify as the ultimate "bible's" for their subject matter. If you are a foodie or aspiring wine lover, you should purchase these books and use them for reference.   Planet Barbecue! Author:  Steven Raichlen Rating: Excellent- Must Buy! Format: Paperback, 638 pages Price: $22.95 Webpage: ISBN 978-0-7611-4801-2 Steven Raichlen is the king of BBQ education. He has built a virtual BBQ empire with more than 27 books on the subject, several television shows, the annual Barbecue University hands on seminar series, a line of barbecue products, plus more. If you have watched his shows or read any of his books, you'd love his straight forward approach to grilling. In Planet Barbeque, Raichlen demystifies BBQ techniques and provides 309 recipes from 60 countries. This magnificent book breaks down recipes by salad, breads, meat