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4th Annual Denver International Beer Competition adds Gluten Free Beers!

The 4th Annual Denver International Beer Competition promises to be the best ever!  This annual competition is organized by Wine Country Network, Inc. The 2013 competition promises numerous changes and improvements to the its judging system that is is sure to generate more 2013 medal winners.  The competition is expanding it's beet categories this year with the addition of:  •Gluten Free Beer •Black International IPA'S •American-Style-Brett Ale •Wood-and-Barrell-Aged Beer Brewers may download entry forms at this webpage: Note: A 20% Early Bird discount is offered for entries that are received and paid for before February 15, 2013.  The 2013 Denver International Beer Competition is officially sanctioned by the BJCP. It is America's most food friendly commercial beer competition.  Gold and Silver medal winners will be showcased at a unique food & beer pairing competition calle

Looks like there are enough Wine Festival already established for the Denver area. The promoters of the new Colorado International Wine Festival have decided to postpone their event until Spring 2014. We wish them luck! There are more than 100 wine festivals in Colorado alone and perhaps wineries and distributors are feeling that they need to preserve their wine and energy.

The Art of The Wine Glass

The Art Of The Wine Glass!  Riedel Vinum XL Pinot Noir Glass EuroCave SoWine Home Wine Bar (Google Affiliate Ad) Cavanova Open-Top Four-Bottle Wine Chiller (Google Affiliate Ad) Nothing upsets me more than a restaurant that provides sub par wine service!  Most common wine no no's are serving excessively cold white wine from a refrigerator. The second is crappy wine glasses. I feel that if a restaurant sells wines on their list for $40 or higher, that they should provide them to their customers in a good wine glass, period!  Investing in quality glassware can also have a big improvement on how your wine tastes. The industry leader is Riedel (rhymes with needle). The Riedel company is 250 years strong and the world pioneers of glass design and shapes. Glasses are widely distributed throughout the US. A number of fine dining establishments such as Danny Meyer Restaurants serve wine to their customer exclusively in Riedel glasses.  If you have an opportu