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Recipe: Smoked Duck Confit in Puff Pastry

Smoked Duck Confit, Raspberry Habanero Glaze in Puff Pastry Source: Christopher J Davies Prep Time: 2 hours Serves: 6-10 If you are looking for a different, but relatively easy appetizer to serve at your next gathering, try your skills and patience creating this savory appetizer. Duck legs are now being sold at Costco. All other ingredients are available in your grocery store. Ingredients Maple Leaf Farms Premium Duck Leg Quarters (12 oz) 4 T Olive Oil 4 Cloves Garlic 1 T Paprika 1 T Salt 1/2 T White Pepper 1 Jar of Primo Foods Raspberry Habanero Preserve 1 Package of Pepperidge Farms Frozen Puff Pastry Dough 1-Egg for Egg Wash DIRECTIONS 1) Marinate duck legs in olive oil with crushed garlic cloves, paprika, salt & white pepper for 1 hour in refrigerator. 2) Prepare 1 cup of smoking wood chips( Hickory or Mesquite) in water 3) Start your barbeque and heat to 400 degrees 4) Place wet wood chips in barbeque onto hot coals 5) Place rack with drip pan into grill. To minimize cleanu

Ireland's Excellent Wine Themed Lodge

Wineport Lodge GLASSON CO. WESTMEATH Athlone, Ireland NA The Irish Tourism Bureau has courted Darcy and me for several years. They have been telling us that we would be impressed with Ireland’s cuisine, wines, whiskeys and luxury accommodations. While they do not make any significant amount of wine in Ireland, the culinary scene has experienced a revolutionary transformation that sets Ireland light years apart from England’s meat and potatoes offerings. We visited Ireland in September 2007 on a self-guided press trip. The Irish Tourism Board carefully planned our entire itinerary. But when we arrived at Shannon Airport we were basically on our own self-guided, seven-day journey of the emerald Isle. We have so many stories and experiences to share from this visit. But I thought that it would be best to tell you about Ireland’s premier wine themed hotel and gourmet restaurant. Wineport Lodge Located almost dead in the center of Ireland, The Wineport Lodge is located on a peaceful inland


THE WORLD OF WINE PRICING AND HOW TO FIND GREAT VALUES! My wife and I recently visited the sleepy Languedoc region of Southern France with our two Son's. This region is on the Mediterranean Sea between Marseille and the Spanish boarder. Vin de Pays is the major appellation, but our favorite region visited was Côtes de Thongue, which produces wines from grapes grown to the west of Pézenas. The winemakers and proprietors were genuinely friendly and quite happy to offer tastes of their wines without charge! Most people don't know that the Languedoc-Roussillon region is dominated by 740,300 acres of vineyards, which is three times the combined area of the vineyards in Bordeaux! As one might imagine, the wines are designed to match the region's seafood. Dry Rosé that is fruity but bone dry, is gaining popularity. Cabernet, Merlot, Carignan Noir, Syrah (red and rosé), Pinot noir, Grenache, and Sauvignon are also produced. We were quite surprised to find that the average pri