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Chef Justin Miller explains cooking & sourcing Sweet Bread SALUTING GUSTAV ESCOFFIER. THE BROADMOOR WAY! By Christopher J. Davies I have a secret. You know how everyone says they are going on a diet after New Years Eve? We'll mine gets official delayed until after the Broadmoor's Salute To Escoffier Event in late January, or early February. This event has been classified by some as a food orgy. It is really a homage to the master of French Cuisine and French Wine. Their 9th Annual event was held February 4 to 6, 2011. It was a sold-out event full of foodies, wine and food writers and trade folk. John Blazon MS with Chef Bertrand Bouquin Lobster Carpaccio The event was different than past years, the Friday night welcome reception was somewhat trimmed down, not surprising as most guests do not arrive until Saturday. But the Wine Luncheon at The Mobil 5 Star Penrose Room, featuring luxury boutique wines from Stonestreet Wines, a Kendal-Jackson brand, set the