Denver Magazine Did A Lot Of Good For Denver

Cover of First Issue: Denver Magazine

Denver Magazine (2008 to 2011)

Magazine's are like restaurants. To start one you must have a great idea,  a lot of passion and capital. I know this first hand, having worked for deep pocketed Petersen Publishing in Manhattan (Motor Trend, Guns & Ammo, Photographic, to name a few) as well as co-founding and publishing my own magazine Wine Country International®.

Just like restaurants, only 2 out of 8 magazines survive beyond 2 years.

I was deeply saddened to learn that Denver Magazine had shuttered it's publication yesterday. I know it's founder & Publisher, Michael Ledwitz pretty well. He is a bright guy with tons of passion and energy. During the past year, he managed to fine tune the publication into a high quality magazine that I looked forward to reading every month. Circulation was reported to be at 50,000 copies per month which is pretty formidable in today's publishing world.

It was announced yesterday, that Long established Denver publication 5280, had wisely purchased Denver Magazine's assets. They have already directed the URL to their website. This will help them capture national advertising when agency interns search magazines that are named after major US cities. People outside of Colorado do not understand what 5280 means.

In closing, I feel that while Denver Magazine did not succeed as a business, it did a lot for the city and culture of the Mile High City. From it's stylish photo shoots to it's intimate celebrity interviews, Denver Magazine raised the bar on magazine editorial in Colorado, proving that Denver is not just a city of Cowboy's and Cowgirls!

I have not spoken with Michael Ledwitz since learning about his magazine's closure. I am confident that after the initial numbness wears off, that he and his staff will move on to greener pastures.



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